Pet Travel Tips: Choosing the Right Size Dog Travel Crate

Recently we moved Cole, a black lab, from California to Disrito Federal, Brazil. It turns out that Brazil has a variety of specialized pet import requirements, so it was important for his owners to plan carefully and start their preparations well in advance.

That's not even mentioning something everyone must address no matter where they're flying a pet -- choosing the right size travel crate. It's easy to underestimate the size of the crate you'll need (pets should be able to stand comfortably and stretch out a little while enjoying plenty of breathing room), so pet owners should consult a few good sources before making their final decision.

Cole's owner happens to qualify as such a source, as not only was he thorough enough to take videos as his pup tried a couple of crates on for size, he was kind enough to share them.

Take a look as Cole (a very well-trained dog, by the way) shows us how it's done, and feel free to use this as a guide as you make your own pet travel crate decisions.

Here's Cole in a crate that's a bit too small for him:

And here he is (along with a friend) in a crate that's a correct fit:

Well done, Cole! We're glad you made it safely to your destination, and hope that life in Brazil is going well.

Here's a bit more information about pet travel crate measurements and how to choose the right one, and as always, contact PetRelocation with any additional questions.


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