Pet Travel Tips: Fit Pets Make Better Travelers

pets on the beachHelp Pets Lose Weight for Travel

Just as obesity rates in people seem to be constantly on the rise, pets too are fatter than they used to be. We've run across a few news articles recently (here's one from PeoplePets) that highlight the stories of overweight animals, and as you might imagine the implications are troubling.

Some pet owners may think it's cute to have a chubby pet or perhaps view it as a sign that their furry friend wants for nothing, but carrying too much weight around can be dangerous. Decreased mobility, difficulty breathing, hygiene issues and more can plague overweight pets, and here at PetRelocation we have particular reason to advocate slimming down and working to maintain a healthy weight.

In terms of pet travel, it's important to prepare your pets for the experience by making sure they're in good health. Overweight pets won't be in an ideal position for handling the stress of travel (even the smoothest trip will tire your furry traveler out a bit);  pets that are fit and well-exercised stand a better chance of handling the process gracefully.

The bottom line is to do right by your pets by keeping them in good shape. Follow your vet's advice on all matters (dental health, heartworm prevention, etc.), and definitely do your best to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into their lives so that they'll be ready for anything.

Contact us if you have any questions about how to prepare your pet for pet travel and happy traveling, everyone!


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2012 and has been updated with new information.



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