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Dear PetRelocation,

My boss wants to travel out of the county with his dog and just wants to know what is needed for that to happen. What steps he should take to prepare if he's not sure where he wants to go yet?

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Hi Christina,

Thanks for your question -- this brings up some interesting topics of discussion about traveling internationally with pets.

First, your boss will want to acquaint himself with a few basic resources that will end up being helpful when he decides where he'll be traveling with his dog. Take a look at this overview of international pet travel requirements for an idea of what to expect. Every country is a little different, but most will require an up-to-date rabies vaccine, health certificate and possibly an ISO compatible microchip.

As for other advice and tips about international pet travel that might come in handy, here are a few:

  • Start crate training the dog as soon as possible. The more comfortable a pet is in the travel kennel, the less stressed he will be on travel day. Here are a few travel crate training tips for pets (they apply to both dogs and cats).
  • Choose a pet friendly airline with established pet safe policies. We often use United, KLM, Lufthansa and British Airways for our clients' pets.
  • Allow plenty of time to plan. It often takes at least a month to plan an international pet move, so avoid stress by starting the process early.
  • Read the stories of other pet travelers who have made international trips before. Real life advice from pet owners often proves invaluable and eases anxiety about the unknown, also.
  • Here is a round-up of frequently asked pet travel questions that covers many of the above ideas.

Finally, your boss should know that he can ask for help if he needs it. Plenty of pet travel professionals are available to arrange pet moves, and enlisting assistance can definitely make life easier.

Feel free to fill out our pet move consultation form if you're interested in finding out more about PetRelocation's door-to-door services. We'd be happy to assist!

Hope this helps, Christina. Good luck with everything!


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