Pet Travel Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Many of us have a long weekend coming up, and as we just learned from the results of our 2012 Summer Pet Travel Survey, lots of us will be traveling with our pets this summer. Memorial Day may mark the first trip to the lake of the season, the first family barbeque since last year, and the first mini-vacation when you decide to bring your pet along.

If you're heading out of town this weekend or you're one of the 47% of people who will bring a dog or cat along with you as you travel this summer, here are a few pet travel tips that might come in handy.

Tags & microchips - Having up-to-date identification is always a good idea, but it's especially important when you're away from home. Make sure your contact information is correct and collars and tags are securely attached.

Pack well - Prepare for anything by bringing back-up leashes, extra food, a travel water bowl, medications, and anything else that could make life easier. You may feel like you're treating your dog like a diva with so much stuff, but actually you're just being a responsible pet owner.

Drive safely - Some pet owners are fine with their furry passengers roaming the car, but realistically we all know that it's better to buckle up. Find a comfortable travel crate or safety strap that will keep your pets safe and sound on the road.

Respect your surroundings - If you're going to a family gathering, talk to everyone about what's okay and what's not okay as far as feeding and play areas for your pet. Establishing expectations for snacks, swimming and socializing sounds like kind of a downer, but in the end it will make life easier for people and pets.

Research rules - Staying in a hotel with your pet? Find out about their fees and policies. Crossing the border? Do some reading or check with a pet travel specialist to find out more. There may be a few details to attend to, and the sooner you know the drill, the better.

Have a great and safe weekend, everyone!



PetRelocation Team




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