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Amsterdam for pets!

Are you thinking of taking your pet on holidays with you this year? Decisions, decisions! Where to go! Most pets travel pretty well, and can be transported by car or plane so long as you follow a few simple rules. So with all of the necessary formalities out of the way; how about visiting Amsterdam; Holland? Depending upon your departure location, Holland can be a brilliant weekend or longer break for the entire family at any time of year. It's easy to get there, with regular flights from airports all over the world.

Lets check out the city of Amsterdam and see what awaits both you and your furry travel friends!

Must seeҒs and do's for everyone (small dogs are lucky enough to catch a ride) include cycling in the Vondelpark where you can rent bikes including bikes with baskets and tandems. Or if you are fit, try roller blading! You may also like to take a tram ride, experience the exciting 'hands-on' Nemo Science Centre and enjoy the citys beaches if the weatherҒs good. Dont forget a canal ride as this is indeed a great way to start your visit to Amsterdam; and do ask if your well behaved pooch can sit on your lap; as you may be pleasantly surprised! Also if time permits; leave those that arenҒt human back at the resort, but do take the kids to De Efteling Theme Park and as well as Artis which is the oldest zoo in mainland Europe, complete with aquarium and planetarium. Hire a car or train to visit cities and sights a little further afield like the beach at Zandvoort, The Hague and Madurodam.

Cuisine and eating out:

Generally speaking; traditional Dutch cuisine consists of meat and two veg; one usually being potatoes! Do try Dutch Apple Pie as its truly delicious. For lunch it is often meat and cheese rolls or chips with mayo rather than sauce; but potatoes again none the less! Do also try typical Dutch croquettes (Kroket brood) and Dutch Pancakes!

For some local authentic Dutch cuisine; do visit Capucijners which is a small cosy restaurant 100 meters from the Royal Palace (Dam square). Try the Mixed Dutch special if you want to try the Capucijners (beans).

Do ask the owners or managers of restaurants like Cafe de Jaren with magnificent canal views on the terrace if pets are welcome, as often dogs are allowed so long as they are under strict control/care at all times and donҒt bother other patrons. But do check first!

Pet friendly accommodations in Amsterdam?!

These days with so many pet friendly hotels around; its easy to find a great place that will happily welcome you and your happy feathered, furry or fluffy traveler; so long as you are all well behaved! That means all of you! No exceptions! HereҒs a few to get you started: Hilton Amsterdam, Holiday Inn Amsterdam and the Lloyd Hotel; but there are plenty of other options. Just do a pet friendly accommodations search and start looking!Finally; with some careful thought and planning you dont have to be without your pets when you and the family go off for some rest and recreation. Take them with you as they will enjoy the change in routine as much as you. Guaranteed!



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