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The Summer months are a time of excitement and fun, but things can become complicated when you have pets - especially if you are planning on shipping your pets to another location or another country. Such questions come to mind; What are you going to do with them? Do you take your pets with you or leave them behind? What are the rules for importing my pets, etc!

With us, we always say "Bring them along"!

For this article, Lets visit Dublin; Ireland as this is one fun city thatҒs relaxed, rather pet friendly and a totally enthralling destination. Its so easy these days and with pet friendly travel options and a little forethought, you and your pets will have a happy time together.

Pet friendly days out and attractions in Dublin?

Dublin Zoo is the cityҒs number one tourist attraction and wont disappoint you. Do also visit the Guinness Storehouse to learn all about IrelandҒs famous drink and how its made! Perhaps a bowl of tasty fresh water for the puppy, rather than the black gold! Visit the National Museum of Ireland and enjoy the sights of an open-topped bus tour of the city where you can hop on and off at your own pace; check to see if your hound or feline can ride and then go for a leisurely wander round St StephenҒs Green where there are ducks to feed and a fun playground for the little ones to play on. Also stroll around Dublin's Georgian streets, government buildings and city parks; or just generally wander round an easily walkable city and soak up its uniquely friendly atmosphere with Fido by your side. Another great way to explore is a family favorite the traditional horse and cartӔ ride.

Cuisine and eating out?

Eating out in Dublin offers a wide assortment of choices, and considering the laid back atmosphere of Ireland herself; surprisingly it leans toward the dearer side of the coin! So do be on the look out for any great priced eateries or pubs that allow your dog to dine with you; as you may want to frequent a few times; especially if the food is good as well! Do check out the pubs and tasty fare available in the popular Temple bar region as well as an afternoon tea at the Shelbourne located in St Stevens Green.

Pet friendly accommodations?

When traveling with pets it is often best to look at either a private home that the owner rents out or self-catering pet friendly accommodation. One of the best places to find information is the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as the entire website is loaded with useful information that pet travelers will love including places to stay, vets and other titbits! HereҒs one for you that you may like to look at: Sobenkel, Jordanstown, Lusk, Co. Dublin. Its a dog friendly self-catering 2 bed roomed cottage in the rolling countryside just 18 miles north of Dublin. Just perfect!

Finally; Dublin is perfect for a holiday no matter what time of the year you visit. In the summer enjoy lazing around St StevenҒs Green area or if its a bit nippy due to the chill of winter; there are the cosy pubs and bars to find some warmth. Do try and muster some warmth for your trusty companion too! Everyone knows that the Irish have big hearts and love to hear your yarns about your travels!


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