Pet Travel Update: Big Changes to the UK Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)

It was just announced that the current 180-day quarantine in place for dogs, cats and ferrets traveling from the US to the UK will no longer be in effect starting the first of next year -- big news that will make life much easier for many pet travelers.

Pets traveling from the US and other approved non-EU member states will still need to meet basic travel requirements, such as the microchip implantation, rabies vaccination and a 21-day waiting period following the vaccination, however the six-month quarantine requirement will no longer be in place. Essentially the UK is now aligning its standards with the rest of the EU.

Find out more about these changes as well as the rules for entering the UK from non-approved countries below, and as always, give us a call if you have any questions about moving pets!

Bringing Pets Into the UK: New Rules


PetRelocation Team




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