Pet Travel Update: Leaving Libya

It's no surprise that the current situation in Libya has left many people looking for a way out. It might not be a simple process, but it does appear that people (and their pets) have options when it comes to escaping the political unrest and violence unfortunately unfolding here.

For example, today a U.S. Government chartered ferry is departing Tripoli and traveling to nearby Malta. Interested travelers may have to wait several hours before being accommodated, and have been advised to bring food and water in addition to valid travel documents. They will be allowed one suitcase and one personal carry-on item per person, and must agree to reimburse the US government for travel costs at a later date.

Pets should be able to meet European Union standards (see the requirements here), and will be subject to Malta's strict entry rules, which will likely include a quarantine. Find out more about importing pets to Malta, and read the full article from Afrik News.

Good luck to everyone facing a difficult pet travel situation, and as always, please contact us if you have any questions or think that can be of help!


PetRelocation Team




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