Pet Travel Weather Update: IAD and EWR Prepare for Snow and Ice

It's not news we're happy to share but it's important to spread the word: winter weather is expected to affect much of the country over the next several hours, and we've received word that Washington Dulles International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport will be putting many pet shipments on hold today and tomorrow, Feb. 4 and 5.

United PetSafe shipments going to, from or through these airports will be restricted, so talk to your Relocation Specialist or give the airline a call (whichever one you may be using) if you have questions and/or need to reschedule a pet flight.

Specifically, for IAD restrictions apply from 7 p.m. this evening to noon EST Wednesday, and for EWR restrictions will apply all day Wednesday.

Remember that delays are likely to be confirmed at other airports as well, so be smart and safe whatever your plans may be.

Good luck, pet travelers!


Photo Credit: Curt Vainio / Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


PetRelocation Team




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