Pet travel with diabetic pets - is it safe?

I had everything planed out for the big move and the day before the flight my cat got really ill and I almost lost him. Turns out to be diabetes. He is on 2 insulin shots a day, 2units each. Everything else seems to be ok with him now. Is there any way he can travel? Health wise for one and then two will the countries allow cats in with diabetes. I can no find any info on diabetic cats traveling into the UK... then if I come back, cats with diabetes traveling to the US. Any help would be wonderful! THANKS! Brettany
Hi Brettany,

As the owner of a diabetic dog, I know first-hand the challenges associated with trying to gain information about pet diabetes on the internet; it seems to be limited at best. 

However, I have found my dog's vet to be the best resource for information and guidance.  

Typically, most diabetic pets can travel safely.  However, just like humans, each pet is different.  I would advise you to first check with your vet regarding his opinion on your cat traveling safely with his diabetes. 

Regarding your question if diabetic pets are allowed into the UK, I have researched thoroughly and have found no information that would suggest diabetic pets cannot be imported into the UK.  

Thank you for your inquiry. I wish you and your cat continued happiness!


PetRelocation Team




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