Pet Trends: Do You Dress Your Pet Up For Halloween?

Recently we came across a very surprising news bit -- according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation,  Americans are expected to spend about $370 million on pet costumes this Halloween.

In light of the fact that many people are cutting costs in other areas (the same survey says that 83% of people will try to spend less overall on Halloween than they did last year), it's once again proven that people are happy to spend money on their furry family members.

Are you planning to include your pets in your Halloween celebrations? Are you pro-costume (and do you go overboard, like actress Brittany Snow?) Let us know your thoughts here or on our Facebook page.

By the way many of our PetRelocation employees are fully on board with pet costumes (here's a photo slideshow from last year, and that's Winston dressed like a pirate over on the left). Stay tuned, because we'll be sharing more photos of this year's shenanigans in the days to come!





PetRelocation Team




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