“PetRelocation came to the rescue! ”

Hello from London!
My husband and I contacted PetRelocation last year as we were in the throes of moving from Seattle to London. We had started the moving process ourselves only to get lost in a mess of paperwork, rules and regulations. Moving pets to the UK is a particular challenge with the documentation. PetRelocation came to the rescue! Well, specifically, Scotty Walkwitz came to the rescue. What a load off of our minds - he handled all the paperwork, gave us clear, easy to understand instructions on how to prepare and was there 24/7 to answer anything we needed. The pick-up in Seattle was smooth as silk and our two four-legged children Sydney and Pilot (yes, there were two to move) arrived tired but in perfect shape after their long flight. Happy to report that both are loving the life in London, enjoying long walks along the Thames and the many pubs where dogs are more than welcome.

Thank you Scotty and thank you PetRelocation, you made what would have been an incredibly stressful experience incredibly easy and we really appreciate it!

Sincerely, Karen, John, Pilot and Sydney


PetRelocation Team




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