PetRelocation Culture Club Welcomes Alamo Drafthouse Founder Tim League

Most people in Austin, TX, where PetRelocation is headquartered, know and appreciate the work of Alamo Drafthouse movie theater founder Tim League. With offbeat film programming, food and drink service and irreverent humor (as well as a not-so-irreverent "No Talking, No Texting" policy), the Alamo Drafthouse has proven to be an extremely fun place to see a movie and, from a different perspective, a very successful business model.

The Alamo Drafthouse began as one theater and more soon appeared all across Austin. Locations now exist around the country and several more are under construction, so even if you've never heard of this theater, you probably soon will.

League's hard work and empire-building experience give him a valuable point of view, a fact that prompted us to invite him to stop by our office for a lunch hour chat on Tuesday. Always looking to improve ourselves, PetRelocation employees listened closely to the story of a movie-loving engineer who became a movie-loving theater operator, keeping our ears open for lessons learned that might apply to our own expansion.

From the importance of crafting a Mission Statement to the dedication that hiring and keeping quality employees requires, League illuminated some great points and also answered our questions about how to provide top-notch service while managing incredible (and exciting) growth. We found out that League's ultimate goal in his business is to make people happy by providing a great experience, so though he shows movies and we move pets, it sounds like there's some common ground between our two businesses.

We'd all like to thank Tim League for spending a fascinating and informative lunch hour with us. We wish him and the entire Alamo Drafthouse family all the best!

In the past, the PetRelocation Culture Club has enjoyed info sessions with a communications expert, an Italy expert, and a time management expert. Keep in touch to find out what topic we'll explore next time.


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