PetRelocation Employees Enjoy A Visit From Communications Expert Dr. John Daly

DalyAs PetRelocation continues to grow, our goal is to keep providing the highest level of service to our customers as we ship pets safely and efficiently all around the world. We want to be as informed and as thoughtful as possible, so that's why we asked University of Texas professor and communications expert Dr. John Daly to come speak to us this week.

Known for his engaging teaching style and enlightening topics of discussion (a few of our employees actually took his class back when they attended UT), Dr. Daly led an educational session on Thursday that drew upon his knowledge of personality differences in communication and personal and professional communication challenges, and he connected these ideas to the business of shipping pets.

For example, when receiving frequently asked pet travel questions, how can we do a great job of answering our customers every time? Dr. Daly advised being consistent with our responses while providing clear information about a process most people don't know much about. What's the best way to assuage common nervousness about flying with a pet? He said we should provide examples of past experiences -- "real stories," (like customer testimonials).

By touching on issues such as customer expectations, effective presentation of information, empathy and more, Dr. Daly has encouraged us to examine our methods in detail. It sounds like we're right on target when it comes to many successful communication strategies, but there's always room for improvement and we'll certainly do our best to remain open to change.

We'd like to thank Dr. Daly for taking the time to talk to us, and we'll certainly be thinking about this discussion as we go forward!


PetRelocation Team




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