PetRelocation Pet of the Month - “Angel”

From California to Calgary, this "Angel" certainly has wings!

Angel, right, pictured with her new Canadian friend Keira.

When Angel's family, located in Bakersfield, California, found out they were pet moving to Canada, they new they had some planning to do. Not only did they have Angel, their Bichon Frise, they also had two turtles, Tiny Tim and Izzy! Luckily, with the help of, all three of their family pets were able to travel safely and quickly from Los Angeles to Calgary back in August of 2006.

Since their arrival, Angel's owner Jill has noticed a significant improvement in Angel's quality of life. "Calgary is incredible with pet stores and pet care facilities," says Jill. "The only trouble in finding care was trying to choose which to go to!" Canadians take quite good care of their pets, and this has helped ease the transition for Angel. "I must say due to the higher level of ownership responsibility and pet care opportunities in Canada," Jill says. "Angel's life is much better and more fulfilled in Canada. She even has regular play dates with another dog several times each week!"

One of the surprising factors upon arrival in Calgary was the city's local 24-hour pet registration policy in force. "I found out the hard way about it, to the tune of a $250 pet citation," Jill explains. Luckily, the law is becoming more well-known, thanks to media attention. "It was such an unknown law that when the local consumer affairs reporter learned of my citation she did a news report. So within two weeks of being in Calgary we had a record and were on the news!" Keeping a sense of humor is key to a successful move anywhere in the world.

Naturally, no move is complete without some climate changes. A move like Angel's also required a little wardrobe change as well. Jill explains Angel's new found sense of style: "While she finds the snow fun, she must wear booties and a coat to go out and play in it. She now owns six jackets two sets of shoes. Not bad for a dog!"

When Angel's not shopping for new cold-weather clothes, she spends time with her newest next door neighbor Keira, a Bichon/Shih Tzu mix.

Between new friends, new clothes and a new lifestyle, how could a jet-setting pet like Angel complain!


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