PetRelocation Says “Thank You” to our Wonderful Clients!

Pet owners tend to be extremely kind and dedicated people, and we consider ourselves lucky to spend our days helping to reunite lucky pets with such loving families. We've recently been especially thankful (and flattered, too) by a couple of special folks who made extra efforts to say 'thank you.'

After Tyler handled a particularly tough move with her usual expertise, the client was kind enough to send her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Then, after concluding a move from Sri Lanka to the US that took months to plan, one pet owner was so pleased with Bethany and Jon's great service that she sent cupcakes to our entire office. So sweet!

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to these and all the other pet lovers we've worked with. From all of us at PetRelocation, thanks for choosing us to help with your move. It's truly a pleasure!

Hopefully you follow us on Facebook, where we post fun pictures of many of the globetrotting pets we move. You can also keep up with us on our blog to read true customer stories and stay up to date on all the latest pet news.

Thanks again, everyone, and we hope you keep in touch!


Tyler, Client Care Specialist Extraordinaire


Bethany and Jon, Pet Relocation Pros


PetRelocation Team




United States
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