PetRelocation Volunteers with Central Texas Food Bank

PetRelocation is located in Austin, Texas and we love our community. Austin is fun, weird, and most importantly a city focused on caring about each other. That’s why PetRelocation, as a company, makes it an ongoing mission to support the community through charitable efforts.

Earlier this month, our team had the opportunity to help out at a local organization doing amazing work in Austin and all over Texas. The Central Texas Food Bank not only helps to feed the hungry but also strives to educate the community and families on low-cost healthy eating. 

“The experience with Central Texas Food Bank was really incredible,” said Ciara, one of our relocation coordinators. “I personally couldn’t believe it when they told me they feed almost a million mouths a month in our area alone!”


Ciara, weighing food donations before distribution

“It was hard work, but super rewarding,” explained our human resource coordinator, Celia. “I really enjoyed doing something outside of myself and contributing to something that makes a difference in people’s lives. Getting to share this experience with my coworkers was an added bonus!”


Celia, packing donations for distribution

Here’s a little more information on the Central Texas Food Bank: 

  • Their CHOICES educational program provides classes for people eligible for SNAP (food stamps) on how to make healthy food choices on a limited budget. In 2017-2018 CHOICES conducted 529 nutritional education classes and cooking demonstrations, reaching 3,500 individuals! 
  • In 2018 their Food Rescue program kept 19 million pounds of food from ending up in landfills. Instead, that food ended up on the tables of low-income families.
  • Their Healthy Options for the Elderly (HOPE) program provided an average of 4,207 low-income seniors with non-perishable foods each month last year. 

“It was a wonderful experience!” Added PetRelocation specialist, Garrett. “ It is definitely worth volunteering to support our Texas community and I sure had fun volunteering there!” 


Garrett, preparing food at the Central Texas Food Bank

We couldn’t agree more! We are so grateful for the chance to give back to the central Texas community!


The PetRelocation Team helped provide 6,750 meals!

Interested in pitching in at Central Texas Foodbank? Here's how you can help, too.


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