PetRelocation Volunteers With Forgotten Friends

Forgotten Friends Austin, Texas rescue dogs Because we care about pets all the time, not just when we're at work, recently a few members of the PetRelocation team took some time to support a fabulous local organization called Forgotten Friends.

Forgotten Friends helps mixed breed dogs find forever homes, and this organization is run entirely with the help of volunteers.

Several PetRelo pet lovers were happy to join the cause on two recent Saturdays, when they participated in Meet & Greet events here in Austin to help introduce the dogs of Forgotten Friends to people in the community.

Here's what our team had to say about volunteering:

“My dogs are all rescues and the best dogs I could ask for, so I wanted to help some other amazing dogs find the wonderful home they deserve. Forgotten Friends is a great organization that is helping to make great things happen.” - Nina, International Relocation Coordinator

PetRelocation Employees at Forgotten Friends event


"Volunteering for Forgotten Friends was extremely rewarding and fun! We were able to do what we love (take care of sweet dogs) while helping the organization find homes for the pups on site. I was honestly humbled by the whole experience and would do it again in a heartbeat." - Bethany, Customer Experience Analyst

"It’s a nice feeling to help a family try and find their missing member." - Tobi, Pet Relocation Consultant

Bethany and Tobi at Forgotten Friends Event


"I have two rescue dogs (including one adopted from Forgotten Friends!) so I know this organization does a really great job of helping dogs in need. Volunteering with them is also SO MUCH FUN. Hanging out with dogs all day and telling people how awesome they are was the best volunteer work I’ve ever done." - Katy, International Relocation Coordinator

As you can see, these were Saturdays well spent. Learn more about the adoptable pets at Forgotten Friends and consider donating time, funds or resources if you're able!


Featured Photo: Alice, Australian Shepherd / Collie Mix

Photo Credit: Melissa King-Knowles


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