supports Girl Power! GENaustin We Are Girls Conference Wrap-Up

It's a little off the topic of moving pets but noteworthy nonetheless; the 2011 We Are Girls Conference recently took place in Austin, TX, and as one of the proud sponsors of this event, was happy to hear that this female-focused and community-enriching gathering was a great success.

This year's conference had over 1,200 registrants, including 634 girls from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and ranging in age from 5th to 12th grade. The conference connected young women filled with questions to experts dedicated to exploring answers, and the topics of discussion related to body image, self-esteem, bullying and friendship. Check out the video below, and read what a few of the young participants had to say about the We Are Girls event:

“I learned how to stand up to a bully without being a bully myself.”

“I love the confidence shown in everybody, it makes me feel good to be a girl.”

“In the Steps to Respect Workshop, I learned that tattling is not the same as reporting. Tattling is trying to hurt someone, and reporting is telling an adult you trust.”

“I learned today that no matter what, you should love yourself for who you are.”

We Are Girls from GENaustin on Vimeo.

Originally called The Ophelia Project, GENaustin (the Girls Empowerment Network) was created in 1996 by a group of mothers in Austin, TX concerned about the issues they saw their adolescent daughters facing. Through various events, educational activities, and research-based prevention programs, this organization strives to empower and inform young women so that they will grow to be well-adjusted, confident and productive citizens.

We're excited to support such a fantastic organization, and can't wait to see what GENaustin accomplishes next!


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