to Andy Roddick: Don’t relocate our pet travel specialist!

What do tennis star Andy Roddick, king of hoops LeBron James and have to do with each other?

Last night, while watching the James signing, Andy Roddick tweeted about our UK pet travel specialist, Scotty Walkwitz, volunteering to sign with the Miami Heat:

The tweet subsequently made international news, with the UK's Mirror reporting it in a story by Ann Gripper titled "LeBron James reaction: What celebrities said on Twitter about his Miami Heat move."

US tennis star Andy Roddick was another to follow events closely. "Lebron is working an awesome abe lincoln beard in this interview!!! tight!!!" he wrote as fans waited for the decision.  Then: "HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" adding, "cue will smith 'welcome to miami.'"

And, like Bent, he is now excited by Heat's potential. He wrote: "Talk now is who else the Heat can sign for NBA minimum. my buddy @scottywalkwitz says he will quit his pet relocation job to play for heat."

Like any good businessman, our CEO Kevin O'Brien wasn't going to let Roddick get away with relocating one of our employees without a trade.  O'Brien tweeted back:

Walkwitz, originally from Florida, has worked at since 2007 and specializes with helping clients with their pets when moving to the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  We also think no one rocks a pink polo and camo shorts better than Walkwitz.


Scotty and Billie Jean, Andy Roddick, and Brooklyn Decker's English Bulldog, hanging out at the offices.

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