PetRelocation’s Top Pet Names of 2020

In 2020, we had the absolute pleasure of assisting over 1,000 families with their adventures. That’s 1,574 furry family members that PetRelocation helped this year!

And as the year draws to a close, we wanted to reflect on each move, each reunion, and all the adorable pet names we heard this year! Here are the most popular names of pets we moved in 2020. Did yours make the list?

10) Chloe

Pawing her way up the ranks this year is the classic name, Chloe! Chloe just barely missed the top ten in 2019, coming in at number 12. 

Fun fact: Chloe saw cross-species love this year with an equal number of cats and dogs sporting the name in 2020.

Beautiful Siamese cat, Chloe, moved from Ireland to the US with us in 2020


9) Penny

Shooting into the top ten in 2020 is pretty Penny! Setting the trend for many in this list, Penny was nowhere near the top ten last year.

Fun fact: For centuries, the penny has been considered a lucky charm. We certainly can’t blame anyone for giving their pet such a lucky name in 2020! 

8) Coco

Stylish Coco strutted into number eight this year. Yet another name that was not on the radar in 2019.

Fun fact: Many Cocos are named for fashion designer, Coco Chanel. Ms. Chanel, herself, had a Great Dane named Gigot

7) Cooper

Climbing his way from the 21st most popular PetRelocation name in 2019 is Cooper at number seven.

Fun fact: The most popular breed amongst the Coopers we moved was the Australian Shepherd and the Aussie was our ninth most popular dog breed!

Cooper and his brother, Pip, moved to Amsterdam this year.


6) Milo

Wow! Milo made a huge comeback this year, going from the 27th spot in 2019 up to number six in 2020.

Fun fact: Milo is actually a very old name with its roots in ancient times. In 2020, we saw this name most commonly given to Goldendoodles. The Goldendoodle was our eighth most popular breed this year! 

5) Daisy

Coming in at number ten in 2019, this floral moniker has really grown in popularity, rising five spots into the top five!

Fun fact: The domestic shorthair cat was the breed most often named Daisy in 2020. Did you know that the domestic shorthair cat has been our most popular breed to move for at least the last three years?

4) Max

Max has always been a long-time favorite. However, this name saw a slight drop in 2020, dropping two spots since 2019. 

Fun fact: Despite the drop in PetRelocation’s most oft-used names, Max actually tops Rover’s list for the most popular male dog name of 2020! 

3) Oliver

Wow! Oliver was nowhere on our radar in 2019, but has found himself in the top three in 2020! Not too shabby! 

Fun fact: Oliver wasn’t just for the furbabies this year. Oliver was actually the most popular baby boy’s name in the US in 2020! 

two westies traveled to China
Popular Oliver with his brother Archie. These two moved to China this year. 


2) Charlie

While Charlie saw a bit of a drop from last year, this popular pup name is still going strong! 

Fun fact: In 2020, Charlie was for the dogs! 76% of the Charlies we moved this year happened to be pooches. 

1) Luna 

Finally, coming up as the very top pet name for PetRelocation is Luna! This lunar name is on the rise, coming up from number three in 2019  

Fun fact: Puppies and kittens and bunnies—oh my! Luna was not only our most popular name but our most diverse name, seeing it represent more species and breeds than any other name this year! 

Three of our most diverse Lunas we moved in 2020.


No matter their name, if you need help relocating your best friend, we can help! Get started today! Who knows!? Maybe your pet will be at the top of the list in 2021.


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