Pets and Portugal!

Superb beach resorts, wistful towns, glorious locales, and landscape wreathed in olive groves, lots of vineyards and wheat fields is the description you can give for Portugal. It has lots of World heritage sites and many tourist attractions. People in this country are very relaxed and all these features make it the most favored destination for a lot of people. The best part about this country is that even though it has so much to offer, the prices are so affordable, and most people can enjoy the true essence of Europe in this lovely country.



The beach resorts offer a great value for money and give you luxury at its best. The well spread out spaces let you take a stroll with your loved ones and of course your little buddy and the lovely pools will keep you cool under the sun. A wide variety of fresh wine available in most parts of this country can easily turn you into a wine taster. The food across all parts of the country is a treat as well and so you can leave your diet aside while you travel this country.



Portugal is well known for its traditional colorful folk festivals and also for the wonderful food you get in this part of the world. Life is laid back and filled with lot of fun here.



The cultural activities are organized by the local people and have lots of fun to offer the visitors. The dresses worn on these occasions reflect the Portugal of olden days and take you on a journey into the history of this country. The country has lots of shopping spaces available for you to keep you busy and the markets are always filled with fresh fruits and flowers. However your pet will be most interested in the wide variety of fishes available in this country.



About 90% of the population is roman Catholics but only a third of them attend the mass and get sacraments regularly. But a large number get baptized, get married in church, and receive last rites through the church. Many Catholics around the world travel to Portugal to visit the sanctuary of Lady Fatima. This religious country has lot of warm people who can make your stay a very comfortable and cozy one. Your pet will surely love the warm nature of the pet friendly people from this part of the country.



The above information should have made you pack your bags already. So go ahead and have a lovely evening stroll along the beaches of Portugal and you surely will have your little friend by your side as pet transportation in this country is easy.


PetRelocation Team




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