Pets & Holidays: Five Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Are you (and your pets) ready for Halloween?

Amidst all the costumes, candy, and chaos, dangers can arise, so it's important to keep your eyes open and your pets safe.

Here are a few basic Halloween safety tips. Have fun, everyone!

1. Keep treats out of reach.

Most people know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but remember that everything associated with sweet treats (chewy stuff, baked goods, empty wrappers) should be kept totally off limits to pets. If your hungry pal does nose his way into the trash can and eat something, call your vet right away.

2. Same goes for decorations.

Glowing jack o' lanterns, costume props, electrical cords, and decorative plants can all be tempting for pets to chew on, so place them up high and away from mischievous cats and pups.

3. Keep pets away from the door.

Similar to July 4th, Halloween tends to have a very high incidence of lost pets. Repeatedly opening the door for trick-or-treaters and the generally confusing atmosphere can prompt even well-trained pets to make a run for it, so keep skittish animals in another part of the house and watch all furry friends carefully.

4. Keep being a savvy pet owner.

Just because it's a busy time, don't overlook your normal duties as a pet owner. Make sure all tags are secure and up to date. Exercise your dogs well. Feed pets their regular food at regular times. If you have people over, advise them of any house rules to be aware of. Not only is this is smart behavior overall, it's good practice for upcoming holidays and will set pets up to be good travelers, too.

5. When it comes to costumes, exercise restraint.

It can be super cute to dress up a pet, but do the right thing and keep their comfort in mind. A costume that restricts movement and breathing ceases to be adorable, and anything with wings or accessories that can be chewed off are entering risky territory. Make it a quick affair or reserve the Batman outfits for pets that are truly comfortable wearing clothes (you'll still have fun, promise).

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