Pets in Denmark!

A lovely mix of lively cities and rural countryside is what is offered for tourists coming to Denmark. The southernmost of Scandinavian countries with ancient castles, jazz festivals, sleekest modern designs, and ring forts is a fantastic place to visit at least once in your lifetime.



The Danish Vikings once ruled half of Europe and were the super powers. This continues in a way, as the modern policies are very people friendly and progressive. The country offers commitment to free speech and also has a liberal social welfare system to help its citizens.



Soccer rules this country in sports as it does across most European countries. You also have a variety of water sports including Sailing. The country has also been noted for its achievements in indoor sports such as badminton, handball, and various forms of gymnastics. Tom Kristiansen who is the most winning driver of the 24 hours Le Mans race hails from Denmark. So motor sport is also existent in this country but only a few successful ones are it.



The country has a mild climate all round the year but the winter months can get bitterly cold with short daylight hours. The months between April and October are the most happening months and every part of the country comes alive during this season.



May and June can be the best months for travel if you want to enjoy green grass filled with lovely young flowers.



But the best tourist season is July and August with a lot of activity across the country. There are a lot of open air concerts, street activities and beaches come alive during these months. The hotels drop their tariffs during this time and also the museums are open for long hours making it the best time to visit the country.



This wonderful country has a lot to offer you as well as your pet. The open air concerts are really enticing to many visitors and music plays on and on through the night. The country has some lovely views spread across the country side and the views can mesmerize anyone. With colorful flowers spreading across the lush countryside visitors are bound to take a lot of fond memories with them.



That's it; you are ready to enter the Danish kingdom that once ruled half of Europe. You might just get carried away while taking a walk on the streets and feel like a king and of course your pet will be by your side being the king's pet.  Let us know how we can help with your puppy pet travel to Denmark.


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