Pets in Malaysia! - The world port, as are now starting to call it! Due to its most favorable position, pet friendly Malaysia had trade connections with the whole of Asia, resulting in a population of diverse culture, tradition, and religion. In spite of such diversity, Malaysia has created its own distinct culture, tradition and identity, A Malayan identity. It is the home of dense rain forest and unbelievable skyscrapers, colorful festivals all connected with each other. Petronia's twin towers in Kuala Lumpur are a modern day architectural wonder. The flora and fauna are more diverse than the communities in Malaysia and we can now start to see why this country is so popular with Expats & their pets! This month alone, we have already moved 5 families to Malaysia all of whom had different reasons for going.

Malaysians are very avid pet lovers. They have their own pet forums in different cities and discuss it in person or on net about the health and safety of their pets. Animal rights are also very active among the residents there. The common rules of immunization and wearing a collar are followed zealously. Even when pets have a change of ownership, the veterinarian is usually present and invigilates the transfer.

When planning to visit Malaysia, with your pets, remember that foremost, you ought to obtain an import permit certificated & duly sealed and signed by the Director General of Veterinary Services, Malaysia. The owner has to declare that the pet is free from any contagious or disease of any kind. His declaration has to be confirmed by the veterinarian of the importing country and by the local authorities in their exporting country.

Your international health certificate should also make it clear that there has been no outbreak of rabies or any other deadly contagious animal disease in the area it resides, irrespective of the pet being affected or not affected by it. On arrival at Malaysia, the pets have to undergo a week long quarantine, invigilated by the quarantine officers. The veterinarians document should also disclose the color, breed, identification and marking on the petҒs body. All pets, must have a microchip as well!

The Malaysian breeds of dogs are very much in demand throughout in world. If you decide to buy one and take it with you then you need to follow the export rules of Malaysia. The Health department has to grant permission and clarification that the animal is disease free. So before departure, the pet has to be examined at Shah Alam Veterinary Hospital.

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