Pets in Spain

If you really want to go for a holiday with your dog to a sunny and bright place full of beaches and urban delights, then Spain is for you! Spain is Europe's sunshine capital, where, as they say, the sun almost always shines. Dotted with beaches and lively metropolis, Spain is a country throbbing with life. If you want some fresh air, Spain is filled with opportunities to visit wildlife parks as well as trekking.



The Spanish tango tomato is world renowned and people tomatoes are a specialty of this country. A lot of tomato based products like sauces and puree are very good ways to make a living in this country. The climate of this country encourages growing of fruits and vegetables. So the cuisine has wide variety of spices, vegetables, and fruits in it making it a rich experience for the tourists.



Spanish people are known to be friendly and hospitable, and you are bound to enjoy your stay in Spain. Festivals and bull-fighting are surely going to keep you busy!


Very easy to travel with lots of accommodation options and a relaxed population this country attracts huge crowds around the year



Dogs have a good life in pet friendly Spain and your pets are the source of conversation while you are on the street with your pet. Lots of people want to know more about your pet and many strangers are happy to rub behind the ears of any good-natured dog.



The Spanish have an unmatched love for pets and it shows in the way they take care of their pets. So your buddy will certainly enjoy the attention he will get in this country. Of course he might end up helping you by attracting a few spicy friends towards you. Also the country has 24 hour clinics and its very easy to find a vet to take care of your animal.

Just make sure to take extra care when walking with your dog, as some have died after eating poisoned food in rural areas. Poisoned bait is laid in some areas by hunters and poachers to control natural predators such as foxes, wolves and lynx and cats.



Just remember these important things and you are on your way to a smooth and enjoyable experience in Spain with your faithful companion! The country has a lot of beaches which offer you stay and food and these can be the best option for you. It will just make sure that your stay in this country is enjoyed the most. A lovely pet travel trip with some breathtaking luxury on offer is awaiting your arrival in Spain.


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