Pets on a Cruise?!  Sure! - We are constantly asked about how to get pets to London, France, Germany and other countries, WITHOUT the use of a plane.... To us, the safest and best way to travel with any pets long distance, is to pet airline fly them. The only other option to get across the ocean, is by boat and we know of only one boat that can perform such a task - the Queen Mary 2.

However, we are only aware of one other way that you can travel with your pets over the ocean by boat! The Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise liner that allows you to carry your pets with out on board the cruise!

More people are travelling with pets and Cunard Line, the company that operates the Queen Mary 2, is responding to the trend by extending its luxurious cruise services to four-legged passengers aboard the Queen Mary 2. Cunard recently enhanced its "Pets on Deck" program to include amenities such as fresh-baked biscuits at turndown, a choice of beds and blankets, and even a QM2-logo coat.

Queen Mary 2's kennel program is overseen by a full-time kennel master who takes care of such things as feeding and walking the pets and cleaning the ship's 12 spacious kennels.

Travelling dogs and cats also receive a complimentary gift pack featuring a coat, Frisbee, name tag, food dish and scoop, a portrait with their owners, a crossing certificate and personalized cruise card.

The kennels and adjacent indoor and outdoor walking areas are open throughout the day, so guests can spend time with their pets. Reservations for the kennels may be made when booking and are based on availability. Fees range from $300 (U.S.) to $500 (U.S.) per cruise. For information, visit

If you have the time and the QM2 can service your locations, I say you do it!

Happy Pet Travels!


PetRelocation Team




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