For those of us in the states, we are leading up to the week of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is that time of year where we get together with family, friends and loved ones to show our gratitude, make memories and eat... a lot!

PetRelocation is taking this time to reflect on seven things we are thankful for.


7 Things We Are Thankful For this Holiday Season (and all year-round!)


1. Our Service Partners

We are Thankful for our amazing service partners. The amount of care each of our partners puts into their work is astounding. We truly could not do our jobs without them. A wonderful example of that is ReloPaws, an amazing partner we have in Hong Kong.

Our service partner in Hong Kong Jenny.
Jenny of ReloPaws. Our trusted agent in Hong Kong

Jenny and her team have helped us to relocate dozens of pets in 2019 alone. Jenny is a reliable source for us and we could not provide such a great service to our clients without her and her team!  If you think you'll be needing Jenny and PetRelocation's services soon, make sure you're aware of Hong Kong's requirements

2. Pet-friendly Airlines

Without the airlines, we could not send your furry friends all over the world. We only choose pet-safe airlines that focus on your pet’s safety and comfort. For them, we are so thankful. Take Lufthansa for example! When your pets stay with them in their state-of-the-art Frankfurt Animal Lounge they are treated like family. Also, we get fantastic picture updates we can share with their paw-rents.  

shipping large dogs to India small dog moves to Singapore traveling with elderly pets  shipping Bengal cats on Lufthansa
A few of the pets that have received the star treatment at the Frankfurt Animal Lounge 

3. The Thanksgiving break and Feast! 

This time of year is perfect to reconnect with friends and family and to make lifelong memories. We even had our own Friendsgiving celebration in our Austin, Texas office. Look at that spread! If you're dreaming up your own holiday journey, remember that traveling with pets during this time of year can present challenges. Make sure you’re aware of the restrictions!

Our Friendsgiving feast at PetRelocation! 


We are SO thankful for each other. We not only support and educate our clients on a daily basis, but we are constantly fostering the growth of one another. This group is a fun-loving group with a big passion for animals. We make each other excited to come into work every day to move your pets around the world! Every day is an adventure in the life of a pet shipper! 

The PetRelocation team
The PetRelocation Team

5. Relocation Management Companies 

Sometimes it’s a career opportunity that takes our clients on a journey across the world, and we are so thankful for companies who include the whole family in the relocation. Partnering with relocation management companies allows us the opportunity to educate and connect with the relocation industry! For example, PetRelocation’s travel trends survey was published in Worldwide ERC November Mobility Magazine. The survey was sent to over 100,000 pet owners globally with the goal of learning more about trends in pet travel, opinions, and obstacles faced when moving with pets. We are so thankful to share our findings with everyone! 

the most popular pets

6. A PET friendly office 

  We would like to give a big thanks to PetRelocation headquarters for allowing us to have an open-dog policy! Every day we are graced by the presence of the sweetest coworkers—our own pets! They brighten our days and lift our spirits, even on the dreariest winter day. Thank you! 

Gypsy office dog Bailey Boo office dog Emmy Lou office dog
Just a few of the cutest PetRelocation employees. 

7. YOU!

As we come to the end of our list, we'd like to take this time to reflect on what is most important to us.  And that’s YOU. The families both big and small who we get the honor to assist in their big adventures. Your pets are precious and we know that leaving them behind is not an option. We're so happy we can be here to guide you through this journey so your best friend can go wherever life takes you. 

pet reunited with owner in australia

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