Pets traveling within aircraft cabin restrictions and cargo transport information

How do you transport the pets from location to location and can I stay with my pet the entire time (I do NOT want them put in a cargo hold). - Laura
Hi Laura,
Thanks for your inquiry.  Typically, our service involves a combination of both ground transport (picking up to airport as well as picking up from the airport) and flying.  

Airline restrictions limit the size and weight of a pet traveling in cabin to less than 10lbs and pet must be inside his travel crate and be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you. 
Some airlines do not allow in-cabin pet travel.  Additionally, the airline reserve the right to refuse any pet attempting to travel in cabin at check-in, based on the pilot's discretion. 

Here you will find an article from our website that serves to educate our customers (and future customers) about the myths and misconceptions regarding cargo travel for pets, as well as debunks the notion that pets are more content traveling in cabin.

Thanks and I wish you and your dogs a very happy relocation!  


PetRelocation Team




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