Pets, Trends & Crowdfunding: Yard Bar in Austin, TX

Places to go in Dog Friendly Austin, TX

We recently made a few pet travel predictions for 2014, and the overall theme of our guesses is that pets will continue to become more important to people, more visible in public life, and more welcomed by businesses.

As an example of what we're talking about, here in Austin, where PetRelocation is based, an exciting new dog-friendly project is underway and currently seeking crowdfunded support. Yard Bar will be a dog park, restaurant and bar all in one and aims to be a friendly, relaxed and social place for dog lovers to meet up.

Fun idea, right? If you're an Austinite and and want to find out more (or maybe even contribute a few bucks), check out the Yard Bar campaign online and take a look at the video below.

Would you hang out at a place like Yard Bar? Does your city already have a dog park that's enticing to humans, as well? Let us know about the cool pet friendly spots in your area!

2015 Update: Yard Bar was successfully funded and is now open for business!



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