Pit Bull Travel to the United States from Dubai


I would like to know what are the regulations for importing pets (specifically Pit Bulls) into the state of Nevada.

Thank you.



Hi Sonia,

Thank you for your question! As far as United States and Nevada import rules, there are no regulations against importing Pit Bulls. In fact, Nevada is one of a few states that has banned breed-specific legislation and in general the country is growing more Bully-friendly all the time.

However, you will need to check with the airline you're planning to use, as some carriers require that certain breeds travel in reinforced crates. We often use United for our clients' pets due to their pet safe policies, and as you'll see on their website, they require that Pit Bulls fly only in IATA approved reinforced travel crates.

As for your snake, while the United States is pretty straightforward about pet imports in general, you still need to double check USDA regulations and make sure you're following airline rules carefully in order to avoid problems when importing snakes and other exotic pets. You can find information about ball pythons and the paperwork you'll need to present through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife website.

Please review these basic pet travel tips for guidance about choosing the right airline, gathering the correct documents, and more. Finally, here are the pet import requirements for the United States for your reference.

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to contact us for a pet travel consultation if you're interested in hiring some assistance, and good luck with everything.



Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Sonia
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: Dog, Cat, Snake
Pet Breed: Pitbull, Arabian Mau, Ball Python
From: Dubai, UAE
To: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


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