Planning to Travel With Your Pet Over The Holidays? Read This First

The holidays are still several weeks away, but every year around this time we like to issue a friendly reminder to all you globetrotting pet owners. Late December and early January can present special challenges when it comes to travel in general, and with pets in tow it can be even tougher to pull off a smooth trip.

If you're planning to move or travel with your pet internationally this holiday season, please read over this list of tips first. We want to help you avoid unexpected delays and unnecessary headaches brought about by:

  • Pre-export deadlines
  • Departure city limitations
  • General roadblocks that may arise


Holiday office closures and higher volumes of travelers often prompt people to reconsider moving their pets in December and January, and now's the time to decide your plan of action.

Please contact us if you have any more questions about when and how you should move your pets internationally, and travel safely, everyone.




PetRelocation Team




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