Preventing Dehyration in Pets when Traveling!  - What a wonderful product and we strongly recommend this for EVERY pet that is traveling long distances! You can visit their website at:

As we know, healthy animals require a great deal of water in their bodies at all times! Until now, the best way to prevent dehydration during transit was to make sure your pet received plenty of fresh water.

Often in unfamiliar or strange environments, animals can be reluctant to drink. Water can splash from the bowl and there is always the risk that someone along the transportation route will forget to add enough water to the cups. Even when pets are given fresh water, significant amounts of water can be lost when dogs lap water from their bowls.

Hydration Gel was designed to meet the unique needs of animals during transportation. Manufactured under stringent quality-control standards, Hydration Gel provides a readily available water source and stress relief for thousands of pet owners whos loved one is traveling across the country or abroad.

Nothing on the market compares with this brilliant solution!

* Contains 95% pure water
* Easy and efficient means of providing water to pets during transport
* Scientifically designed to deliver optimal level of hydration
* Flavor enhanced with natural beef flavoring to promote consumption
* Convenient Emergency Water Source
* 18 month shelf life with no refrigeration or special handling needed.
* Individually coded with lot and date of expiration
* FDA approved materials

Their products are the best hydration options available to pet owners for preventing pet dehydration during long transportations. Responsible pet owners who love their pets and appreciate the complex and long pet travel relocation process, will have the added assurance when they select this product for their pets.

Please do your pet a favor and purchase them some Hydration Gel!


PetRelocation Team




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