Pups the Traveling Labrador Joins Pet Relocation for a Day at the Office!

We were super excited to have Pups the Traveling Labrador stop by our offices this week, as he is one of the major spokes-woofers when it comes to pet travel worldwide!

If you've never followed Pups, you might not know that he is one of the best four-legged world travelers there is.  He even tweets about his travels!  We invited Pups to come to our Austin headquarters to meet everyone and soon he will take off on an exciting trip from Austin to New York City and then from the Big Apple to Tokyo, Japan!

But first, Pups got to experience a typical Monday in our somewhat a-typical workplace!  Pups met the staff, checked out our "doggie chateau," and even got to sit in on a staff meeting this afternoon.  He found out a little-known PetRelocation.com secret - our conference room table is actually a shuffleboard table!

Check out the slideshow below for some great pics we got of Pups.



PetRelocation Team




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