Quick Tips for Safe Summer Pet Shipping

If summer pet travel lies ahead, it's a good idea to start preparing by reviewing summer airline embargoes and basic rules for hydration and safety. We have lots of great info on our blog, but here's a quick list that will help to get you into safe summer pet shipping mode!

-Choose a pet-friendly airline that values pets' well-being, and be sure to research all restrictions, embargoes and requirements before you make a reservation.

-Make sure your pet's travel crate is large enough, and don't be afraid to err on the side of caution in terms of size. The bigger the crate, the more air ventilation can occur and the cooler your pet will stay.

-Prepare your pets for a smooth ride by keeping them in good shape and acclimating them to their crate in the months before travel. Fit pets that don't fear their crate will be more relaxed and are less likely to experience shallow breathing and stress.

-If your pet has particularly long or thick hair, consider visiting a groomer who can remove some of the undercoat. Shaving isn't necessarily for the best, as pet hair can provide important insulation and cooling effects.

-Provide your pets with the water they need, and if your journey will be a long one that includes car rides and/or plane rides, bring ice or freeze water in a water dish the night before.


Please contact PetRelocation.com if you have any more questions about safe pet transportation during the summer months or any other time of the year. Stay cool, pet travelers!


PetRelocation Team




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