Rabies FAVN Tests, Health Certificates, Pet Travel, Oh My! Original Documentation Required for Shipping Pets

Whenever you move there is so much going through you mind that many many things can get lost in the crowd.   One common issue that we see come up a lot at PetRelocation.com is that the pet owner may not have access to original vet documentation.

Let's say you are moving overseas but before you depart you are going to spend the last few months with family on the other coast of the country. You pack up all your household goods and send them off and then you and whoever is left including your pet head to Grandma's several thousand miles away.

Since you have been working with PetRelocation.com to coordinate your dog's move overseas, you assume all is in place so off you go. After you arrive it is time to facilitate the last steps in your pet's move so you go to the vet and everything appears to be in order except one major thing -- no one ever collected your pets original vet records from your original vet!

This can cause major delays for pet travel as just about every country you travel to requires your pet to travel with original health documentation. Be sure before you move any where, if you don't have your pets original health documents, that you make a trip to the vet and collect everything, it is better to have too many records than not enough. And my final point, make sure important documents such as vaccine and rabies vaccine certificates are signed by the vet! Happy Travels!


PetRelocation Team




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