Rabies updates and European pet travel

Name: Stuart T.
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed:
From: Shanghai, China
To: Barcelona, Spain

Hi, We moved form the UK to China two years ago and our cat came with us. He had the blood test and rabies vaccination, which according to the certificate is valid for three years. We may now be moving to Spain and wondered whether this, along with his indenti chip, was enough for him to enter into Spain, or do we need to have a new blood test and rabies shot? -Stuart

Hi Stuart,

Here are the Pet Import Requirements for Spain. You will need to update your cat's rabies vaccination and take care of a few other details, so take a look at the guidelines and let us know if you need any assistance during your move.

Thanks for your inquiry, and good luck in your travels!


PetRelocation Team




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