Relocating a Red-eared Slider in Europe

Name: Noemi
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: red-eared slider (turtle) 12 years old /female
Pet Breed: red-eared slider
From: UK
To: Prague

Hello, I'd like to know what are the current regulations regarding relocating a red-eared slider by car/moving agency van to Prague from the UK. I know the Hungarian rules when we took her over to the UK - all we needed is a certificate from the vet and the district vet on a form that the turtle is healthy. Could you please let me know? -Thank you, Noemi

Hi Noemi,

Pet travel is often less of a hassle when you drive rather than fly, but in this case it's still a good idea to check the CITES Species Database for transporting guidelines and to see if red-eared sliders are a protected species. You should also contact the Ministry of Agriculture in Prague to see if they have any special instructions for you.

Let us know if you require our pet relocation services. Either way, good luck and travel safely!


PetRelocation Team




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