Relocating a shy cat from Bangkok to Singapore

Hi, I have a cat about 1.5yrs old now. He's very shy and very afraid of strangers. I'm planning on moving back to Singapore to work. Traveling to Singapore with a pet would be my first time and it would be quite a feat for me to undertake. What are the requirements of entering Singapore with a pet from Bangkok, besides having the rabies shot and other innoculations up to date? I would like to enquire if it would be possible to home-quarantine my cat instead of sending it off to those quarantine houses upon arrival? Appreciate the advice, Vanessa
Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for your inquiry regarding your cat's travel to Singapore.  One of the most anxiety-reducing things for your cat you can initiate is to begin crate training.  The travel crate will be your cat's temporary "home away from home" during her transit. Should she become familiar with the crate, it will be a comforting experience versus an anxiety-ridden one for her. 

Please refer to this link for some helpful info on relocating to Singapore: Singapore Rules and Import information.

If you fulfill the necessary import requirements ahead of time, you can reduce quite a bit of quarantine time for your cat.

Additionally, you can get a quote for our services (which can help you plan and navigate your pet move) as well as download our free guide on pet travel to Singapore, which I think you will find helpful information, including airline pet carrier requirements. 

I wish you the best of luck on you and your cat's relocation to Singapore!


PetRelocation Team




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