Relocating Pets in a Digital World: Making Good Use of Social Media

Moving with pets is a multi-step process that should be undertaken with lots of care and attention to detail, but who says it can't be fun, too? We love it when our customers embrace the experience of moving and use the tools of technology to illustrate and share their adventures; not only does this let us keep in touch with our present and former pet pals, social media can shed light on the entire process, helping others to see a more complete picture of what a pet relocation actually entails.

lucy in singapore
Lucy's blog is called Singapooch

For example, recent clients of ours recently moved from Seattle to London along with their cat named Bobcat, and they have been documenting the experience with a fun tumblr called Binding the Gap. (They also got creative with photoshop - check out their awesome Abbey Road homage on Flickr.)

Abbey, the Relocation Specialist in charge of the relocation, was in close contact with Bobcat's owners before, during, and after the move, but there's something about seeing pictures and status updates several days later that makes the whole endeavor feel more rewarding. (The new Londoners even managed to capture an audio clip of Bobcat purring, so we're pretty sure this kitty cat is settling in just fine.)

A happy post-move tumblr update about Bobcat

We have several past clients who continue to use blogs, tumblrs, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to share snapshots of life abroad with their pets, and we definitely enjoy keeping up with the likes of Lucy Luck in Mexico and Lucy Blue in Singapore (are people who name their pets 'Lucy' more active active in social media??).

The bottom line is that using social media highlights the sense of fun and discovery inherent in a relocation, but it's a useful activity, as well. Telling your story can be cathartic and will allow you to show off your adventures to the world, but most importantly, you're helping someone else (a stranger, probably) find their way through an experience that no one is born knowing how to expertly navigate.

Lucy (in Mexico)

Have you used social media to document a move? Do you use these tools to keep track of your pet's life in general? What is it about sharing your adventures that you find the most rewarding? Tell us what you think, and be sure to share your pictures and stories with us if you're a media-oriented mover!


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