Relocating to Belgium?

A number of people who visit Brussels feel disappointed with the fact that the city does not compare in any way to other European capitals like London and . Many expatriates start disliking Brusselsthe moment they set foot on the land, and you might come across people who visited Belgium and did not really like it much. However, in case you have to relocate to Belgium for some reason or the other, then dont be disappointed, for a number of expatriates---especially those who have actually spent some time in Belgiumҗwill tell you about the numerous merits of living in Belgium

For one, you can find great accommodation in Brussels at amazingly low rates. Belgian property prices are on their way up now, but accommodation here is still quite cheap when compared to other parts of Europe. The country also has one of the most modern health care networks in the world, and you can be assured that you will get professional medical help as and when you need it easily. The country is populated with all kinds of bars and eateries serving its famed beer and food. The quality of the food that you get is exceptional, no matter where you eat, and Brussels claims to have more Michelin starred restaurants than even Paris. You can also catch an English movie as and when the fancy takes you, since most cinema houses always have something or the other from Hollywood playing.

On top of this, a number of Belgian stores also carry American merchandise, especially food items, so there isnt much of a chance that you will have to miss out on munching your favorite cereal for breakfast. Cosmopolis and Delhaize are a couple of stores in Brussels that carry American products. If you are taking your pet along with you to Brussels, then you should not have any difficulty in finding the right kind of food for your pet. Belgian is full of pet lovers and their pets. Dogs, cats and birds are the most common pets here, with most pet shops doing brisk business.

Bringing your pets to Belgium is not a tedious process, even though you will need to fill out some forms. The most important thing that should ease your tension as a pet owner is that your pet will not need to be put in quarantine in Belgium. You can take as many as five pet animals with you as long as they are personal pets and are not intended to be sold. You will be required to carry a health certificate, a rabies certificate as well as an import permit for getting your pet into Belgium. Your pet need not be micro chipped if you are not planning to spend more than six months on Belgian soil. Detailed information regarding the import of pets to Belgium can be acquired from the APHIS Area Office in your state.

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