Republic of Indonesia

Bhinneka tunggal ika Many yet one is a very fittifor tng moto he largest archipelagic state in the world. The Republic of Indonesia consists of a staggering 17,500 islands. A fundamentally inherent trait of such geographies, the large areas of hard to reach wilderness means that the Indonesian islands hold host to the second highest levels of biodiversity in the world.

So when you take your faithful friend via pet airline or sea, it would be nice to think that this range of friends in the animal kingdom would ensure that they make acquaintances quicker then you do! A particular friend you may wish they avoid however, are the hideous ticks that infest the region. Dog owners beware! These ticks carry nasty blood diseases that can often be lethal to your innocent pet transport travelling partner.

If youre a cat owner, Felix may have a bit of a surprise on arrival at the capital Jakarta. Jakarta is well known for its gangs of roaming cats. This in itself is not anything of a surprise for hardened travellers, but the cats here all have a rather peculiar tale.Well more accurately they don't have a tail at all. Many people have questioned why this may be, but a solid answer is not forthcoming. Some hypothesise that the locals take a macabre or culinary delight in the feline appendage whilst others blame inbreeding and jungle stock to be the main culprits. Either way your little friend will look a cut above the rest, important considering that pets in Indonesia are considered a luxury and symbol of wealth.

You will also want to be wary of the sharp-nosed devil winged vampires that go by the slightly hip sounding name of mosquito. Protection from getting bitten is vital in this part of the world. The mosquito carries some of the deadliest virus and diseases known to man and a bite can quickly become lethal. To the savvy adventurer however this shouldnҒt be too big an issue, repellent and window shields will cut the risk considerably. The knowledge that the little buzzards are most active in the early morning and evening will help you fall into a routine of protecting your arteries, veins and capillaries with long sleeves arms and trousers on your legs. The adventures that you and your friend can have are considerable, especially if your counterpart in the animal kingdom is well used to sticking by your side. Imagine the joy and excitement you will both have swimming in the jaw dropping Indian Ocean, or the excitement you will share on hiking and exploring expeditions. Indonesia others a wealth of dangers and possibilities for a comparatively wealthy western traveler; in most parts hardly effected by the 20th century it is likely to be an eye opener for people from all walks of life, even when it comes to pet travel.


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