Rock Band Wilco Stops by the PetRelocation Office

Looks like one of the perks of working in downtown Austin, TX is meeting rock stars! Earlier today we spotted a tour bus parked outside the PetRelocation window, and it turns out it belonged to the band Wilco.
jeff tweedy bus
The view from the PetRelocation office (that's Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy on the left)

The band taped an episode of Austin City Limits last night and is playing a sold out show in town tonight, and actually it was just announced today that their new album, The Whole Love, has been nominated for a Grammy. (Congrats, guys!)
john stirratt
Wilco bassist John Stirratt, checking out the office

More importantly, they're pretty nice guys! Not only did bassist John Stirratt come into the office to say 'hi' to everyone (pretty sure that was the first time he'd seen a pet relocation operation like ours), he and the other members of the band signed a guitar for us.
matt with guitar
Matt's guitar just became a whole lot cooler

Thanks, Wilco! Keep making great music, and come back and see us anytime!



PetRelocation Team




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