SAAB and the Traveling Pet! - We usually do not post blogs that focus on the promotion of products, however this is rather cool and we must give kudos to SAAB for taking the steps needed to focus on pet's that travel in the car with you! This is a huge step for the Pet Travel business and we know that other industries and other car makers will follow suit...

We discovered that over 60 percent of our design people own companion pets and are concerned about their safety while traveling,Ӕ Kevin Smith of Saab told us.The first automotive company to offer a full line of vehicle accessories specifically designed for pets who travel, Saab consulted with the Humane Society of the United States for help in designing their pet travel gear.

The Saab ӑreal-life safety philosophy says that safety systems and structures should be designed to protect all occupants, including pets, in real-world collisions,Ҕ says Smith.

The complete Pet Gear lineup includes items for the pets health, safety, and comfort during travel such as:

The Batzi Belt attaches to three-point safety belts but still allows the pet freedom of movement. ItҒs very important that the belt only be used with a safety harness, not attached to a dogs collar, Saab advises.

The VersaLeash, designed for the cargo area of the vehicle, allows the pet to move around but restrains him when necessary.

The Pet Harness is a canine safety harness that fits around the torso of the animal and can be used with the Batzi Belt or the VersaLeash. It can also double as a harness for walking the pet outside the car.

The W.A.G. Bag, a water and gear bag that carries anything your pet would need while traveling, has a compartment for holding a gallon of drinking water, with a spigot to dispense it.

The Travel Bowl features a flat bottom and even a cinch top to keep food or water from spilling. You can fill it from the W.A.G. Bag when Pooch gets thirsty. No need to stop.

The Approach Pack is a kind of backpack for Fido so he can help carry part of the load while hiking with his human.
and a҅

Pets Welcome Book lists pet friendly accommodations and parks across the country.

Saab is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Pet Gear to the Humane Society. Kudos to Saab for making traveling with pets easier and safer!


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