Safe arrival in Bangkok!

We happened to post a new blog this morning on pets travel to Thailand. Ironically, we just received a great note from our most recent customer, whom we helped in pet transport relocating their dog Sunny to Bangkok!

Here is her happy response:

Hi Rachel: Yes, Sunny was delivered this afternoon - we were all soooo happy to see that he made it to BKK safe and sound. You know how worried I was. I guess all he did was "pottied" all over the newspapers in the crate. The people who delivered him also said that he was sooooo quiet - he hardly barked (I guess he was just scared). Then they saw how happy he was to see us - he just ran all over the house - quickly checking everything out.... he knew he was home. What a total relieve for me. Thank you soooo much for all your help, your patience and especially your understanding. I really appreciate the fact that you always tried to calm my nerves and assure that Sunny was going to be taken care of. Is there anything else I need to do on my side? Please let me know. We will definitely use you or for when we are ready to go back to the US (wish it was sooner than 3-years). Again, thank you for everything. Best regards, Jennifer


PetRelocation Team




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