Seeking Help With A Pet Move: Top Reasons to Choose Pet Transport Services

frenchie dogThe beginning stages of a pet move can be pretty confusing. There are many things to consider, including your pet's safety, the legwork (and paperwork) involved, and how much it's all going to cost.

Some people choose to handle their moves on their own (and we're happy to offer tips for how to keep pet moves affordable, etc.), but ultimately many pet owners realize they'd rather have someone else handle everything. Whether due to stress, time, or basic logistics, hiring professional pet transportation services will bring some relief to the situation.

Here are a few reasons that many pet owners, including our own PetRelocation customers, choose to seek assistance with their moves.

Conflicting Information

"We had no idea how to go about organizing the move ourselves, and for a dog we loved so much, we felt secure in paying someone to do things correctly." -Michelle, who moved her dog Chunk to Australia

Thanks to the internet this has become a very DIY world, but that doesn't mean it's easy to pull off something like a pet move. Unfortunately it's the case that many government websites don't keep up-to-date information regarding animal imports, and a lot of the advice you'll find out there is just plain wrong. When your pet's safety is at stake, it's better to trust the experts who do this every day.


"The list of things to do before a move is a long one. Having assistance with Cole took a huge burden away from us and allowed us to spend more time on preparing ourselves and getting our travel arrangements in order." -Mike, who moved from California to Brazil

Whether moving for work or for pleasure, the effort of relocating all your belongings, organizing the details and trying to make a home in a new place can call for huge time demands. Adding another set of concerns just isn't possible for some travelers, so that's why they call pet relocation companies like us.

Special Conditions

"Large dogs present more difficult travel scenarios, so getting assistance was very important for us.The overall safety and well-being of our pet outweighed our ability to handle the move on our own." - Mike, Cole's owner

Flying with an older pet, an especially large one, a snub-nosed breed or an exotic animal can all present special challenges. Again, the rules can be confusing and the internet can be a jumble of misinformation, so passing the reins to a relocation specialist who knows how things work is often the best choice for many pet owners.

Military Moves/PCS

"I had enough stress just trying to get me, my daughters and my house ready all while worrying about my husband, who was still gone (overseas in the military). Once I decided to hire PetRelocation it was like a huge stress filled ball was lifted off me." -Tarnna, featured as our most recent Pet Move of the Month, moved from the US to the UK

Families serving our country who have to move frequently, often without as much notice or time as they'd like, can find themselves feeling particularly overwhelmed.

As you can see, there's nothing wrong with seeking some help! For more information about how to relocate your pets, check out our blog or take a look at our Facebook page to connect with other travelers who have done it all before.

You can also contact PetRelocation directly to speak to a Pet Relocation Specialist about what your options may be. No matter how you go about it, here's wishing everyone many safe travels!


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