Severe Weather Plan Disrupts East Coast Pet Air Travel

Due to a winter storm warning that's been issued for the Northeastern US, Newark airport has issued a major cancellation plan that will affect human and pet travelers planning to fly this evening (Jan. 11) and tomorrow (Jan. 12). The bottom line? Check out the situation before you head to the airport by calling the airline you're planning on flying. For your information, here's a rundown of the projected changes as they'll affect Continental flights:

-Newark Continental Connection and Continental Express operations will be suspended from 7 pm local time Tuesday through 6 pm local time on Wednesday.

-International arrivals into Newark (EWR) are now scheduled to begin on Wednesday after 10 am local time. 

-Cleveland has reduced a large number of their Continental Express and Continental Connection flights on Tuesday evening and into Wednesday.
-There are no Continental flights scheduled in or out of Boston for January 12th at this time, and other Northeastern cities will have limited service on Wednesday.
-Newark Cargo operations will continue as normal through approximately 11 pm on Tuesday evening, but from 11 pm on Tuesday evening through 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon, Newark will not plan to move inbound or outbound cargo or mail on any flights.

PetSafe bookings that may be affected by this plan can be rescheduled through the Cargo Customer Service Center for Thursday and beyond.

As of Tuesday afternoon the weather has yet to turn bad, but the National Weather Service is expecting  8" to 12" of snow to hit the East Coast within the next few hours.

Have anyone's pet transport plans been affected by the snow storm? Feel free to offer any updates you have, and stay warm and safe, everyone!


PetRelocation Team




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