Shipping Pets Across Town or Around the World

Whenever you make the decision that you are going to move there are so many decisions that need to made in what is usually a very short amount of time. Where will you live? What will you bring with you? How will you get there? Usually about half way through this thought process your loyal family pet meanders over to you for some attention, and then it dawns on you, how on earth is your family pet going to make the journey?

If you are driving to your new home it may be as simple as loading up the family in the car, dog or cat included and making a road trip. But it isn't always that easy. You may be moving over seas and you can't easily drive there, that is for sure. Or you may be shipping your car to your new home and you plan on flying. Where do you turn when you can't easily take your pet with you.

Shipping pets can be complicated process that takes a great deal of preparation. There may be import requirements for your new home that you must plan months in advance for or your pet may need to spend time in quarantine. Much thought must go in to how you will safely ship your pet; will they fly or drive? What kind of travel kennel do they need? All of this while at the same time you are trying to figure out if you are taking all the old toys that have collected in the attic, or if you are going to take the washer and dryer or leave them behind.

All of these decisions running through your mind may just become too overwhelming and this is when corners may get cut and things get broken or lost. When you come to this point in the process is when you may want to think about hiring a professional to move your belongings, so why not also hire a professional to move your pet. can be your answer as we have a vast amount of knowledge and resources for shipping pets. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed, gives us a call when the time comes to move.


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