Shipping pets to Mexico? - Wait till after Easter!

If you are planning on pet traveling, pet moving, transporting, shipping or any other word used when getting live animals to or from most of Central and Latin America - please pay attention to this post.

Beginning March 15th, the weekend before Semana Santa, and the following week March 17th-March 23rd almost all Customs Offices in Mexico, Costa Rica and other Central & South American countries will be closed due to the Easter holiday.

Semana Santa is Mexico's second most important holiday season of the year, behind only Christmas, and runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. In addition to attending Mass on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, many Mexicans will also take advantage of the holiday to go on vacation.

There will be NO clearing of pets during this time as there is no one in Customs. We strongly recommend that you DO NOT send your pets to these countries during this time period.


PetRelocation Team




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