Shipping Pets to Singapore!

The small country of Singapore is one of the better-known tourist spot to visit in the East. It is a business center and located at a strategic point with easy accessibility to other countries in the East. There are lots of things to do and see when you are on a trip to the country. You can visit the butterfly park and Insect Kingdom, the Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and the Underwater World. Visitors throng the country from all over the globe to visit all these attractions and many more. A week long trip to the country will allow you to cover almost everything.

Singapore is a country, which has strict pet import laws.The country is neat and clean and the Government takes all steps to maintain the country in that way.There are fines if you litter in public places and any kind of damage to public property is strictly monitored. Before traveling into the country you need to make yourself familiar with all the rules and restrictions.

When transporting your pets to Singapore, many choose to fly with their major airline, Singapore Airlines. Like any other international airlines, Singapore airlines also has its rules of pet travel and if you are traveling by Singapores national carrier there are two options that you have.You can either have your pet check in with you when you check in for your flight.This service is called "as accompanied".There is another service called as unaccompanied service. In this mode you need to ship your pets at the cargo terminal of the airport.You can choose the option, which suits you best. Pets are treated as extra baggage on the airlines and you will need to shell out extra money for your pet's travel.Except for visitors traveling in from England/Ireland or Australia/New Zealand the pet needs to be quarantined under Singapore laws.

With many strict rules and regulations in place it sometimes becomes a little complex and costly to travel with your pet in Singapore. Nonetheless it can be done if you make some extra efforts and making sure that you follow all rules governing pets in the country.


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